One of the main activities of the Group is the installation operations in the electric power industry including the following services:

  • construction, reconstruction and repair of overhead power lines 6 - 220 kV;
  • installation of cable lines of 0.4 - 35 kV;
  • installation of lighting systems for industrial and civil facilities (street lighting, shops lighting systems, floodlighting);
  • installation of electrical heating systems (resistive, self-regulating heating cables, the "skin effect" system) for industrial and civil facilities;
  • installation of power equipment (magnetic starters, push-button stations, control panels, frequency converters, current transformers, voltage transformers, low-voltage switch units, vacuum circuit breakers, load switches, high-voltage cells, etc.);
  • installation of switchgears (input distribution devices, distribution boxes, automatic transfer switches, etc.);
  • installation of switchgear assemblies indoor and outdoor (switchgear and metal-clad switchgear) up to 220 kV;
  • installation and assembly of power transformers, auto-transformers, voltage up to 220 kV;
  • construction, reconstruction and repair of electrical substations with voltage up to 220 kV;
  • installation of grounding and lightning protection systems.

Commissioning of electrical equipment

Another important activity is the commissioning of electrical equipment including services, such as:

1. Inspection and adjustment of protection, automation, and control systems of electrical equipment:

  • substations with voltage up to 220 kV (with electromechanical relays and microprocessor terminals of such manufacturers as ABB, Siemens, Schneider Electric and Russian companies);
  • turbine and diesel power plants;
  • systems of electric heating pipe;
  • AC and DC electric motors (soft start and frequency control devices);
  • control power systems.

2. Tests and measurements of electrical equipment up to 220 kV:

  • synchronous generators and compensators;
  • DC machines up to and over 1 kV, the tests of AC motors up to and over 1 kV;
  • power transformers, auto-transformers, oil reactors and grounding arc suppression reactors with voltage up to 220 kV inclusive;
  • measuring transformers of current and voltage up to 220 kV inclusive;
  • oil, air, sulfur hexafluoride and vacuum switches with voltage up to 220 kV inclusive;
  • disconnectors, isolators and short circuiters with voltage up to 220 kV inclusive;
  • modular and connecting buses with voltage up to 220 kV inclusive;
  • dry limiting reactors with voltage up to 220 kV inclusive;
  • batteries;
  • power cable lines up to 220 kV inclusive;
  • switchgears indoor and outdoor installation (switchgear and metal-clad switchgear) up to 220 kV inclusive;
  • paper-oil capacitors to improve the power factor with voltage 1 kV and above (measurement of insulation resistance, high voltage power frequency test, capacitance measurement, measurement of dielectric loss tangent, the capacitor bank test with a three-time switching on); 
  • protection equipment.

3. Integrated testing and preparation of detailed and acceptance documentation: testing of electrical installations for the full circuit at idle and under load in all operating modes.

4. Development of operational documentation for electrical equipment.

5. Development of the software for the automated energy management systems.


Installation of instrumentation, process control, security, fire alarm, CCTV, and communication systems

SNEMA-SERVICE company provides a full range of installation work of low voltage systems that ensure automated control of processes, operation of fire-alarm and safety systems, automatic fire extinguishing systems, CCTV, perimeter alarm, and communication, namely:

  • installation of power cables;
  • installation of cable metalworks;
  • installation of fiber optics;
  • installation of instrumentation and systems of automation and remote control;
  • installation of automatic fire extinguishing systems and fire-alarm systems;
  • installation of video surveillance equipment and devices, perimeter alarm systems, communication systems;
  • assembly of PCS, video surveillance and communication cabinets.

Commissioning of process control, fire alarm and communication systems

Collaboration with Russian and international companies allows us to perform complex work in the area of industrial automation ranging from small facilities based on local controllers to scalable distributed control systems. There is a wealth of experience in the successful implementation of projects on the development and implementation of PCS, factory automation control system, automated dispatch control system, automated meter reading and control system, automated system of electric power technical record-keeping, automated power consumption measurement system, remote control, MES systems in many regions of Russia and CIS countries.

As a system integrator and information technology supplier, we present a wide range of products and services using the equipment of Siemens, Emerson, Schneider Electric, Allen Bradley, Yokogawa, Honeywell, and others.

SNEMA-SERVICE offers a full range of services that will provide automated control of technological processes, operability of fire and security alarm systems, video surveillance systems and communication means including:

  • development of applied software for PCS of oil and gas production, transportation, storage and processing facilities, heat and electricity systems;
  • development, manufacture, supply and assembly of the cabinets for control systems;
  • commissioning of automation, signaling systems and interconnected arrangements: means of automation (lower level), PCS (middle and upper level), security and fire alarm systems, video surveillance and communication equipment of oil and gas production, transportation, storage and processing facilities, heat and electricity systems.

Developers of PCS environments have received professional training and certification from the leading producers of automation systems; have a background of the project implementation (up to 20,000 and more input-output channels). Maintenance of the installed equipment includes a warranty and post-warranty maintenance, repair, replacement, modernization, personnel re-training, hotline support.


SNEMA-SERVICE provides a full range of engineering services for the development of project documentation including:

  • automated process control systems (PCS),
  • automated dispatch control system, automatic fire extinguishing systems,
  • systems for monitoring and control of utilities,
  • information security systems, a complex of technical means for security,
  • automated fiscal and power metering systems,
  • automated systems for accounting of energy resources.

Management of preparatory and commissioning operations:

  • development and implementation of the management system for the complex activities using the project management software (such as MS Project, Primavera, etc.),
  • development of a comprehensive plan of preparatory and commissioning work divided into systems and subsystems including HSE issues,
  • development of the procedures for the commissioning operations with subdivision in the stages and work types (work breakdown structure, concurrent operations, inspection, defect records, execution control, confirmation, acceptance, estimation of work progress, reporting, etc.).

Supply management:

  • participation in the equipment acceptance and factory trials at the manufacturers’ plants,
  • preparation of the acceptance acts,
  • compliance assessment of the purchased equipment with the requirements of the detailed design documentation,
  • organization and conduct of equipment incoming inspection,
  • verification of the availability and completeness of the documents certifying the quality of the equipment supplied by the customer.

Development of the maintenance and commissioning documentation:

  • production technology regulations,
  • sets of the commissioning documentation, including instructions, commissioning execution program for commissioning phases,
  • maintenance documentation including all kinds of instructions and emergency plan,
  • data sheets for equipment, pipelines, buildings and structures,
  • other types of technical documentation in accordance with corporate requirements of the customer.

Engineering supervision of construction and installation:

  • review of the quality compliance for construction, equipment, installation with the requirements of the detailed design documentation, manufacturer’s instructions, rules of occupational health and safety, technical specifications and applicable standards,
  • issuance of defect records, defect elimination control.

Preparation and commissioning:

  • organization and carrying out the preparatory work in accordance with the procedures (check processing systems for continuity and leak test, the energy consumption, purging of process systems, etc.),
  • comprehensive tests for leaks in process system, comprehensive testing of operation in working environment,
  • bringing of the process to a steady-state regime in accordance with the project requirements,
  • preparation of equipment and operation test on designed capacity, selection and stabilization of the process mode bringing the production to the design capacity.

Education and training of the operating personnel:

  • theoretical training of operating personnel in accordance with the rules and regulations on occupational health and safety,
  • practical training of the process personnel for the safe work at the workplace during preparation and commissioning.

Industrial ventilation systems:

  • preparatory work to check compliance of the installed equipment and installation activities with regulatory requirements,
  • check of starters, measurement and verification of the performance and pressure developed by fans at idle and under load,
  • setting up systems for the designed air flow rates,
  • commissioning and testing of internal heating and ventilation systems for industrial buildings and shops.


«SNEMA-SERVICE» enjoys extensive experience in services for the oil and gas facilities. The main areas of service include:
  • aPCS (automated process control system);
  • instrumentation and control;
  • electric power equipment;
  • fire and security alarm system;
  • uninterrupted power supply;
  • speakerphone;
  • video surveillance and security systems;
  • remote Access Control systems.

As a part of the maintenance services, the Company provides the following activities:

  • maintenance of the PCS, instrumentation, fire and security alarm, uninterrupted power supply, video surveillance and security, remote access control equipment and electric equipment;
  • checking the protection system, alarm system and locking of automation system elements;
  • fast troubleshooting of automation equipment;
  • preventive maintenance in the amount according to the schedule;
  • unplanned maintenance of the equipment in accordance with schedules;
  • preparation of measurement instruments for verification / calibration;
  • preparation of equipment for routine repair and overhaul;
  • revision, routine repair, inspection and diagnostic of equipment;
  • preparation of defect reports and specifications for the overhaul and modernization of the equipment;
  • overhaul of automation;
  • metrological control of measurement instruments;
  • development, coordination and implementation of measures and technical solutions to improve the reliability of the equipment that do not require major repairs and modernization;
  • ensuring the supply, storage and accounting of the means required for the maintenance

«SNEMA-SERVICE» is accredited for and implements the verification of the gauges measuring:

  • pressure;
  • temperature;
  • gas content;
  • electrical parameters;
  • level;
  • vibration;
  • information and measurement channels.

​«SNEMA-SERVICE» is accredited for and implements the calibration of the gauges measuring:

  • pressure;
  • temperature;
  • gas content;
  • electrical parameters;
  • level;
  • vibration;
  • information and measurement channels.

As part of large contracts, integrated turnkey metrological service is available at customer sites including:

  • collection, packaging and export of measuring equipment for repair and testing in remote laboratories;
  • issuance of metrology regulatory documents;
  • development of measurement techniques;
  • tests for type approval of measuring instruments, measuring systems and complexes;
  • work on metrological provision of measuring systems for energy accounting;
  • metrological expertise;
  • development of the programs and certification of the testing equipment.

Oil and gas equipment:

  • gas, oil, petroleum product pipelines;
  • storage tanks for oil and petroleum products;
  • metal structures.

Equipment for explosive and chemically hazardous production facilities:

  • equipment of chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas processing facilities, operating at pressures up to 16.0 MPa;
  • tanks for storage of hazardous and toxic substances;
  • equipment of ammonia and refrigeration systems;
  • compressor and pump equipment;
  • process, steam and hot water pipelines.

Boiler inspection:

  • steam and hot water boilers with the working fluid discharge pressure up to 4.0 MPa;
  • vessels working under pressure over 0.07 MPa (up to 16.0 MPa inclusive);
  • steam and hot water with working pressure more than 0.07 MPa and water temperature over 115 ° C.

Gas supply systems (gas distribution):

  • outdoor gas pipelines;
  • outdoor gas steel pipelines;
  • indoor gas steel pipelines;
  • gas equipment, parts and components..

Company provides construction, repair, mechanical installation works, such as:

  • сivil works;
  • installation of block buildings and structures, assembly of buildings from sandwich-panels at the oil and gas production, processing and transport facilities;
  • design of bearing and enclosing structures, installation of reinforced concrete structures;
  • installation of the process equipment, process piping and valves;
  • manufacture, assembly, installation of piles, raft foundations, cable racks, searchlight matches and other steel structures for various purposes;
  • repair of the storage tanks;
  • arrangement of the well pads after drilling operations.


Installation and commissioning of electrical equipment
Installation and commissioning of instrumentation, process control, security, fire alarm, CCTV, and communication systems
​Process, equipment, and engineering systems commissioning
Maintenance services
Industrial safety expertise
Construction and mechanical installation