Social policy

Organization of Events

Social policy of «SNEMA-SERVIS» aims to unite the team and provide favorable labor conditions, including financial assistance, corporate events, professional and non-professional contests, etc.

Every year, the company allocates funds to extend financial assistance to their employees: any «SNEMA-SERVIS» specialist is entitled to financial assistance upon childbirth or marriage, for housing improvements, as well as trips to recreation camps, etc. Besides, all the employees and their families can spend a vacation in recreation centers.

One of the key elements of social policy is the traditional competition «Best In Trade». It's winners are awarded a lumpsum bonus and letter of merit. The psychological effect of the competition is also important: competition opens up new horizons and hidden potential

During the year, the company organizes numerous team building events. 

Social Support

It is worth mentioning that «SNEMA-SERVIS» observes corporate code of business ethics.

«SNEMA-SERVIS» pays attention to charity as an integral part of social policy, construction of mosque in Kalmash Village and financial support to orphanage in Naryan-Mar being the proof of this conviction.

In 2012, the company board adopted the following documents:

  • «Regulation on the procedure of extending the interest-free loans and financial support to «SNEMA-SERVIS» employees». The loan is extended for the purchase of housing with repayment period up to 3 years. This regulation is extended to workers employed by the company for at least 2 years without any disciplinary penalties. Besides, the company has concluded contracts with banks for the provision of interest-free loans for the purchase of housing and consumer loan.

  • «Regulation on the incentives to and social support of employees». This regulation provides for vacation trips for foremost workers as well as trips to recreation camps for the employees’ children. Besides, the company pays a lumpsum bonus upon childbirth. The regulation also provides for financial support to the retired by Victory day and Senior Citizens Day.  

Incentives and social support also include state and industry award recommendations as well as conferment of titles.  


Insurance and Vacation

Currently, we are preparing a project of additional medical insurance of employees.

The company purchased property on the Mediterranean coast to organize vacations for the employees and their families. 

In summer, our employees play beach volleyball in various sites of Ufa.

It is worth mentioning about the company policy on proposals for technical improvements. The established Procedure enables us to find talents, on the one hand, and to improve production quality, on the other. 


Installation and commissioning of electrical equipment
Installation and commissioning of instrumentation, process control, security, fire alarm, CCTV and communication systems
​Process, equipment, and engineering systems commissioning
Maintenance services
Verification and calibration of measuring instruments
Installation and adjustment of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems
Construction and mechanical installation
Development and assembling of training stands