Social policy

Event organization
The social policy of "SNEMA-SERVIS" LLC is aimed at uniting the personnel and creating favorable working conditions.
Every year the company allocates funds for the purpose of financial assistance to its employees. A specialist at "SNEMA-SERVIS" LLC has the right to count on the financial support due to the birth of a child, marriage registration, passing of a family member, for the improvement of living conditions, when buying trips to health and recreation resorts, as well as to children’s recreation camps.
One of the elements of the social policy is the annual competition: “Best in the profession”, the winners of which are awarded a one-time bonus and a letter of gratitude. In addition, many other events are held throughout the year to promote the company spirit.
Social support
It should be noted that "SNEMA-SERVIS" LLC strictly complies with the corporate code, which establishes ethical standards for behavior in the business environment.
The company pays great attention to the integral part of social policy that is charity.
The company’s Board of Directors approved the "Regulations regarding the incentives and social support for the employees", which provides for the issuance of loans to the employees for the purchase of housing with a repayment period of up to 3 years. The Regulations apply to the employees that have worked at the company for at least 2 years and have a positive reference. The company also has agreements established with banks for obtaining mortgage loans for the purchase of housing and for consumer loans.
In addition, the Regulations provide for partial payment for the cost of tourist vouchers to the best-performing workers, to recreation camps and health resorts for the employees' children. Also, the company employees are paid a one-time financial assistance upon the birth of children. The Regulations on the incentives and social support for the employees provide for funds to assist pensioners on the Victory Day and the Day of the Elderly.
The structure of the incentives and social support also includes the provision of state and departmental awards, as well as awarding honorary titles.
It is also worth to separately highlight the procedure for working with rationalization proposals. The procedure allows, on one hand, to identify talents, and on the other hand, to improve the quality of operational activities.



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