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Our new project in Dzerzhinsk

In April, Oktyabrsky branch of «SNEMA-SERVIS» undertook a project on «Air Separation Plant» in Dzerzhinsk, which includes a full set of installation operations up until November 2015. The customer of the project, «Linde Engineering Rus» (Linde Engineering, a part of Linde Group), is a leading technology partner for the plant design and construction all over the world.

Let us remind that «SNEMA-SERVIS» was chosen through the competitive selection procedure arranged last year by the German company.


Installation and commissioning of electrical equipment
Installation and commissioning of instrumentation, process control, security, fire alarm, CCTV, and communication systems
​Process, equipment, and engineering systems commissioning
Maintenance services
Verification and calibration of measuring instruments
Construction and mechanical installation
Development and assembling of training stands