Tourist Fest - 2015

Republican «Tourist Fest - 2015» took place on the bank of the Inzer River in Arkhangelsk District (Bashkortostan) on July 16-19, 2015. It was organized by the Ministry of Youth Policy and Sports, Arkhangelsk District Administration, as well as Tourist and Sports Union of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The main aim of the Festival was to establish connection and develop cooperation between the youth organizations of the cities and districts of Bashkortostan as well as neighboring Russian regions, to promote mass sports events, to support the new forms of pastime among young people, and to promote youth tourism.

«Tourist Fest - 2015» attracted youth teams of the cities and districts of Bashkortostan and neighboring regions, which submitted application on time. Delegation: up to 18 persons, including a representative and a coach.

Sports program: up to 10 persons (at least 2 women);
Competition program: up to 6 persons;
Fans: unlimited.
The festival program included both sports and competition parts.
«SNEMA-SERVIS» team included the following colleagues:

1. Yakupov D.M.
2. Girfanov G.T.
3. Khusainov I.R.
4. Mustakimov A.Kh.
5. Sibagatullin F.D.
6. Dedik Ya.A.
7. Yalaletdinova L.R.
8. Sharafutdinova G.V.
9. Budaev D.V.
10. Garifullina E.R.
11. Nigmatullina M.N.
12. Bayanova A.R.
13. Kalimullina A.I.
14. Sharifullina A.V.

The guys worked as a team in the trustful, calm, and engaging atmosphere of the event. While completing all the tasks, without a minute of rest, despite all the hardships, our team kept photo records, which would later become a part of «SNEMA-SERVIS» story. As a result, our team was awarded the much-honored second place!

On June 19-21, 2015, the Krasnaya Gorka village of Nurimanovsky District hosted a Spartakiad competition of the working youth of Ufa companies, with «SNEMA-SERVIS» team being one of the 14 taking part in the event. The competition was organized by the Ufa «Center for Assistance to Youth Employment» as well as Tourist and Sports Union of Bashkortostan. The program included sports competitions (trekking, bicycle and water distance, combined relay race, «Turiada contest») as well as creative contests (song singing contest, «Tourist field household», «Tourist show»). SNEMA-SERVIS was a leader of trekking and combined relay race, song singing; it scored second in «Turiada contest» and took home silver. 

The management and the team of «SNEMA-SERVIS» congratulate the winners and express their gratitude for the contribution in company development, for representing the company, for enthusiasm, and understanding. With a team like that we can fear no obstacle or difficulty. Thank you! Let’s keep that up!


Installation and commissioning of electrical equipment
Installation and commissioning of instrumentation, process control, security, fire alarm, CCTV, and communication systems
​Process, equipment, and engineering systems commissioning
Maintenance services
Verification and calibration of measuring instruments
Construction and mechanical installation
Development and assembling of training stands